Our Services:

Our services include:

Consulting services

Consulting services and assistance in process of acquiring all the necessary permits and approvals according to the Serbian Law on planning and construction

Technical documentation

Preparation of all levels of the technical documentation according to the Serbian legislation from Conceptual Design to Design for Execution of Works

Supervision of works

Providing highly skilled local experts with relevant experience in the sector of mechanical, electrical, civil and process engineering, qualified for all activities related to supervision of works

 Our Story:

Our Story:

4 Waters d.o.o. is a company established in 2016. The company is oriented in providing professional engineering/consultancy services in project cycle development (planning, design, implementation and supervision); provision of troubleshooting, knowledge transfer and implementation of know-how for existing facilities; design documentation analysis, development of expert reports; as well as regular and emergency maintenance of water/wastewater treatment plants.

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